The Fractal Quantity Optimizer is a simple and yet powerful tool. You do not need any knowledge of the fractal mathematics behind it to use it. Whenever there is something to count, the quantity optimizer can be applied.

Until now, it was believed that the probability of an increase or decrease of any quantity was equal. But in fact, there are quantities which increase with higher probability than decrease and vice versa, other quantities are more stable. Matter-forming oscillation processes are responsible for this phenomenon.

So every quantity has its size-dependent quality, which is made visible by the fractal quantity optimizer.

No matter whether groups of people or material quantities are concerned, the qualities can be used in a targeted manner.

  • How many students should there be in a class?
  • What quantity-related trends can be expected from the fusion of two companies?
  • How many employees per department would be useful?
  • In what quantity do you offer your new product for sale?
  • Which stock or transport quantities are advantageous?
  • Which quantities tend to be subject to strong fluctuations?
  • What credits (in €, $ etc.) do I leave on my accounts?
The Fractal Quantity Optimizer is supplied with a manual that contains clear examples of use. In laborious development work the quantity qualities from 1 to 5.9 billions were made visible.

Number of pages: 54

Metal spiral binding

ISBN 978-3934402744


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