The Self-Similar Time Pattern (SSTP) provides you with a unique analysis tool for your life - or optionally for any other process, such as a company, a partnership, a share price development etc. It makes time qualities and dynamics visible, which cause the omnipresent natural oscillations of the universe. Without exception EVERY human being is subject to these oscillations and cycles. The Self-Similar Time Pattern therefore fulfills its task in a unique way to make special cycles and points in time of your life visible.

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For the application you do not need to know the phenomenon of logarithmic regularity (scaling) and its mathematical background. The relevant time ranges of the event fields are already calculated from the start of a project or from birth to the 101st year of life. The structure of time is marked by a graphical representation, which is self-similar (fractal), and colored highlights. Thus one can intuitively find one's way around the structure of time.

It is designed as follows:
  • total of 201 pages
  • manual with clear examples, 31 pages
  • data table with 167 pages
  • sample calculation for the repetition of a past period, 3 pages
  • Din A4 format (length 297 mm = 11,69 inches, width 210 mm = 8,27 inches)
  • colour printing
  • high-quality ring binding

I show the relevance of the knowledge used in the Self-similar Time Pattern in my book "Fractal Time" (for now only in german, soon to come in english), in which I show many astonishing connections and similarities on more than 350 pages. The Self-similar Time Pattern is a worldwide unique product!

Please note: It is made individually for each person / process, therefore a return is not possible.

When ordering, please indicate your date of birth and if possible your time of birth. If you order the Self-similar Time Pattern for your company, the day of registration is a suitable date for this. Accordingly, depending on the project or process, the following dates may be considered as starting dates: day when you had the idea, day of the founding meeting for the foundation of an association, day of a significant event for the beginning of a relationship/partnership, day of marriage, etc.


Price: 399,- €


OR: upon request also in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR), EOS (EOS)


Shipment: 6,- €


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To order please send an email with subject "Order SSTP" to one of the following addresses:


After that you receive information for payment in advance. After receiving the payment, the order is placed with the printing house. After your SSTP is received from the printing house, it will be sent to you. You will be notified accordingly.